Role of a School Counselor

Below is some information about what school counselors can provide your family:

The counselor works with students in the classroom.

The counselor works with students in small groups.

The counselor works with students individually.

The counselor works with parents.

The counselor and teachers work together to help children.

The counselor works with school resource personnel and community agencies to help students.



Our staff is committed to offer all our students a school-based character education program.  I strongly believe that as educators we can play a vital role in developing positive attitudes in children and a solid foundation to become contributing members to our society. I’d like to include our students’ families and parents in this effort and work together in reinforcing important qualities of character such as respect, responsibility and caring.

TV MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS: Periodically throughout each month I’ll be on our TV morning announcements presenting a different character trait. I may also invite teachers and students to come on TV and share with the rest of the school their ideas about the specific trait. It could be an essay that they wrote or a drawing or maybe a short book or a quote they want to read that describes a way of showing a particular trait.

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CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES: Classroom teachers are encouraged to talk and explore more in depth a particular trait through activities, discussions and lesson plans appropriate for each grade level. Each month I will draw a name of a class where I will personally go and guide a discussion or do the activity with the kids. In so doing we are addressing the OCPS Student Development Benchmarks.


FAMILY ACTIVITIES: Parents and family members are also encouraged to participate in the program through family outings, activities, discussions and service learning projects. Each family is given a brochure at the beginning of the year with suggestions on how to develop and reinforce good character.


Thank you students, teachers and parents for your participation in the program!