Physical Education

Southwood's Physical Education Program

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The Southwood Elementary Physical Education Program focuses on developing the "whole child." We believe that physical activity is the first step to health and wellness. Our goals are as follows:

  • To help your child develop the knowledge, skill, and self-confidence to pursue a physically active lifestyle.

  • For all students to feel good about themselves by doing their best and improving on skills they have learned in the past.

  • To engage students in activities which involve higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

  • To develop positive student attitudes towards physical activity.

  • To help children work cooperatively with others.

We believe in having the students actively participating for the maximum amount of their physical education time. The activities that are taught in physical education are success oriented, intrinsically motivating and developmentally appropriate for our students. Your child will learn many different skills in physical education throughout their elementary school years. We will be following the benchmark skills designed by the Orange County Public Schools. Some topics that we will cover include:

  • Locomotor Skills (Jumping, hopping, galloping, skipping, leaping, etc.)

  • Throwing & Catching Skills

  • Striking & Kicking Skills

  • Physical Fitness Testing & Goal Setting

  • Dance & Rhythms

  • Gymnastics

  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Individual & Group Games

  • Multicultural Games (Bocce Ball, Cricket, Chinese Jump Rope, etc)


Mr. Dottavio
Physical Education Teacher
Southwood Elementary School