Emergency Procedures

Safety First.

Emergency Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I found out if school is closed due to severe weather?
Orange County Public Schools and Central Florida News 13 has developed a partnership to help provide timely and accurate school information during an emergency situation. Most up to date information can be found on 
News 13 or one of their media partners: WMFE-TV Channel 24 Telemundo (Channel 40), WMFE-FM (90.70) and WNUE-FM (98.1)

How will I be notified if there is an emergency on campus during the school day?
Per OCPS guidelines, Southwood Elementary will always communicate information to families through OCPS Connect Orange (phone message system). The system is set up so the phone message goes only to the first contact listed for each child.  To ensure you receive all important messages, please make sure your correct telephone number is listed in our computer records.  

Where would I pick up my child in case of an emergency on campus during the school day?
Please do NOT arrive at a school site until you are notified of the pick up location.  Depending on the emergency situation, the students will either remain on the Southwood campus or relocated to a more secure location. Notifications will be communicated through OCPS Connect Orange. 
For the safety of all, it will be imperative that family members present a photo ID and be listed as a contact when picking up a child.