Welcome to Kindergarten!

We believe that kindergarten is the foundation to academic, social, emotional and physical growth. Kindergarten is a place where child-centered learning occurs within a nurturing, risk-free, safe, and stimulating environment.

Children enter kindergarten at varied levels of development in these areas. We continuously identify individual levels by using various methods of assessment (observations, checklists, portfolios, running records,etc.). It is our goal to identify each individual child's needs and to foster growth in each area. Effective learning occurs when children are working at their instructional level.

We accomplish these goals by involving the students in a variety of learning experiences. They include: hands-on learning, a combination of whole language and phonetic reading strategies, real life experiences, problem solving, and critical thinking. We provide these experiences through a balance of whole group, small group, and individual instruction.

What your family can expect from our Kindergarten team.

  • Teachers facilitate a child-centered, safe environment.

  • The child is a holistic learner and we encourage risk-taking.

  • In order to meet students' full potential, we provide choices to learn independent problem-solving skills and achieve autonomy.

  • As a school family we celebrate the diversity in our community.

We value and respect the importance of family in a child's development. We accept each other's differences and do our best to appreciate them. We share our knowledge and ideas for the success of both teacher and student. We will encourage and motivate each other always.


Your Kindergarten Team
Mrs. Orben
Mrs. Myers
Mrs. Rolon
Mrs. Yip
Mrs. Mauldin