Second Grade

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2nd Grade Teachers Photo

In second grade we believe in building trust; sharing and accepting ideas; communicating openly; respecting difference; being supportive; building friendships in a risk-free environment; agreeing to disagree.

As second grade teachers we believe in:

  • making connections with students on an individual basis.
  • doing what is in the best interest of the child.
  • building and enhancing strengths to promote self-confidence.
  • fostering a sense of community with responsible, respectful and fair citizens.
  • teaching students to accept differences and celebrate diversity; teaching students to apply knowledge and transfer skills into the real world.
  • teaching children to be respectful and responsible for our global environment.
  • serving as positive role models.

Second grade is a year of important growth and development, both mentally and physically. We believe that it is essential to teach to individual needs and interests in order to foster that growth and to develop characteristics for a successful academic career. We hold high expectations for all children.

We believe that by teaching concepts, not simply processes, the transfer and application of knowledge is easier. We teach reading strategies and encourage all children to utilize the writing process to develop strong pieces of literature. We stress the application of mathematical concepts to everyday life through various problem solving activities. Science and social studies benchmarks state concepts that drive our curriculum.  Our vast library of books compliments each unit study.


Dr. Ballone
Mrs. Davidson
Mrs. McClure
Mrs. Pesi
Mrs. Velazquez