Mission, Vision, & Goals

Southwood Logo - Young Architects for tomorrow - Building for the Future

Southwood's Vision

Southwood Elementary School is dedicated to setting a standard for excellence. All Southwood elementary students will work at a high level to become productive citizens, adaptable to 21st century challenges.

Southwood's Mission

 Our mission is to engage the whole child with the ability to think critically, embrace diversity, and foster a love of learning. Southwood Elementary students will be challenged to perform at a high pace, while gaining necessary skills to be successful in the future.


OCPS Vision

To be the top producer of successful students in the nation

OCPS Mission

To lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community

OCPS Goals

To focus our efforts to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision, the board and superintendent set five broad goals.
  • Intense Focus on Student Achievement
  • High-Performing and Dedicated Team
  • Safe Learning and Working Environment
  • Efficient Operations
  • Sustained Community Engagement